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What kind of girls do guys like? And which ones do they prefer to avoid? This topic is quite complex – everyone has different tastes and preferences not only in terms of music, movies or food, but also when it comes to a potential partner.

We are all different people and each of us is looking for something different, and each man values ​​something different in women, both in terms of character and appearance. FlirtWith Therefore, something that will be attractive to one, does not have to be liked by someone else. Of course, we all want to find a partner whom we can count on, who will love us, treat us well and will not hurt or let us down.

Which Girls Are Usually Chosen by Men?

What kind of girls do guys like? We still believe that men like attractive women with large breasts and long legs, wearing short skirts and a large neckline. And while in fact – most guys will watch such women on the street – every man looks deeper when it comes to relationships. It is one thing to arouse male interest for a while, and another to make a man see a woman as a candidate for a future wife and – possibly – the mother of his children. So what girls do guys like?

We have some tips for you to help you understand the male point of view on this issue.

Which Girls are The Most  Fond of Guys? – Girls Do Guys Like

The ones that are bursting with energy and joy, have a sense of humor and are able to enjoy life. Men don’t like women who are always sour, depressed, or constantly offended. A girl who is no stranger to spontaneity, who can find a way out of any situation, and one who – when necessary – can compromise, will also benefit from male eyes.

Good heart – Girls Do Guys Like

Beauty will someday pass anyway, and a good heart will remain. So what are the girls most guys will pay attention to? Sympathetic, helpful, empathetic – those who can take care of the weaker ones and take care of those who need help. It is unlikely that a man can be trusted by a woman who talks about people behind their backs, throws obstacles at the feet of others, or laughs at the weaker ones. An animal lover will certainly look at a potential chosen one also through the prism of her attitude to animals and how she treats them.

First step – Girls Do Guys Like

Interestingly, some men don’t like a woman taking the first step. It is influenced by the male ego, the need to control the situation, but also … by fear. A guy may be afraid that a girl who is not afraid to take the initiative and will talk to him first – will not have a problem with picking up other men as well, and that it will simply turn out that he is not good enough for her. If you are wondering what girls guys like – remember that it is not a rule. Perhaps your chosen one will not see the slightest problem in making the first step.

Confidence – Girls Do Guys Like

What kind of girls do guys like? The ones that know their worth. If you constantly doubt yourself that you are an attractive woman – the guy is unlikely to take it long, and he may even start to believe that you are right. Therefore, when a man has noticed you, he wants to get to know you better or pay you compliments – instead of contradicting his words – believe him! Of course, remember FlirtWith not to overdo it the other way as well – being self-righteous or self-righteous will not arouse male admiration.

What Kind of Girls Do Guys Like

Humors, sulks and insults

Most guys, when asked what are the girls who discourage them, will answer: those who still do not like something, have resentments and make up moods. Even if your chosen one is the type of a knight on a white horse – he will certainly not be able to cope with a capricious princess. Unjustified mood swings and being offended without cause also do not bode well for building relationships.


You’ve probably heard more than once that intelligence is sexy? That’s true! Guys like intelligent women, as well as those who have an opinion and are not afraid to express it. So if you’re wondering what girls guys like – remember that your intelligence is your asset.


Men like facts. Neither of them likes to think and guess what their partner is up to and what they really think. Which girls have the best chances? Those that will clearly explain the problem during an argument or disagreement, instead of treating your loved one with the classic “guess”.

Passions, Hobbies and Interests

What kind of girls do guys like? The kind with which they will not be bored! Boredom and routine are not good for relationships – guys value women who are interesting, follow their passions and have their own interests. It is also related to the fact that a woman who has a hobby and devotes time to it, will also leave some space for her partner. And no man likes to be overwhelmed or to meet his buddies with impunity. Or maybe you have a common passion? Great! Following it together with a loved one can help two people get even closer to each other.


This is a trait that will never lose its value. No guy will want a relationship with a woman who is lying or cheating, or someone who pretends and is not honest with him. So what girls have a chance? Those that have nothing to hide and will always be fair to both your partner and other people.

What are the girls that guys like? – Girls Do Guys Like

First of all, they are themselves. They do not pretend to be anyone else, they do not try to please other. People against themselves, and they are not ashamed of who they are. They are women who are aware of their advantages and disadvantages. And instead of worrying about them and depressing them – they accept them.

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If you’re looking for an answer to what kind of girls guys like. We hope the tips above helped you find it. While when it comes to appearance, every man likes something else. When it comes to character – most men follow similar guidelines. First of all, remember that you are a valuable person and a wonderful woman. And if you have to change anything about yourself – it is only for yourself, not for someone else.

Remember that men – even if they look at the appearance. Are mainly guided by their character when choosing a partner. The vast majority of them prefer women of more subtle beauty. But with a beautiful interior. What’s more important – even the most masculine guys. Often have a part of a little boy who wants his chosen one to be a warm person and will be able to create a loving family with him and create. A home to which he will always be happy to come back.

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