I have given many talks on the topic of manifesting Help for Finding Love a soulmate and the first question people typically ask me is, ‘what is a soulmate?’ Soulmates are two people who are deeply in love with each other and are happy together on all levels – emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, and sexually. But most importantly, Soulmates are deeply committed to personal growth and support each other to reach this aim.

Once I have answered the question, ‘what is a soulmate?’ people usually want to know how they can attract such a wonderful partner. I always start by explaining that the most important thing for finding your true love is to WANT a loving relationship with all our hearts. We need to admit that we are missing something and deeply desire someone to fill in our sense of deficiency. In other words, we need to accept and own our need for a relationship. This seems like a very common sense thing to advice – almost banal. But no sooner have I said these things that many people in the audience will object.

Self-Help for Finding Love

Help for Finding Love

People will tell me that they do not feel deficient. That they do not ‘need’ a relationship. And that they believe that they can only find a relationship when they feel whole and complete in you. Help for Finding Love My experience as a relationship counselor is different. People who feel whole and complete in themselves usually do not have a relationship. Typically, they can’t be bothered with all the trouble that arises in even the most loving relationships. And – what’s worse – they are not very attractive to others as a partner, either.

Why are they not attractive? Because people like to feel needed and a very independent person cannot offer this. For example, who would like to be in a relationship with someone who says to them over a romantic dinner? ‘It’s lovely to be with you here but I don’t need you and I don’t need this dinner with you. I would be just as happy alone, reading a book or being with my friends.’? In my experience, most people would find such an amount of self-sufficiency off-putting.

Having a ‘Real Relationship’

So, the first step for finding a soulmate is to give up too much self-sufficiency and own our need for a partner. In the second step, we need to create a feeling (or a vibration) of love in our life even while we are still single. Doing this will create on an emotional level a vibration that mimics the vibration of having a ‘real relationship’. Once we can hold this vibration for some time it will effortlessly manifest in our life. This process is the basic dynamic for anything we would like to manifest in our life.

How can we create a ‘love vibration’ in our life even without a partner? We start by loving ourselves in the way we would like to be loved by a partner. We accept ourselves with all our weaknesses and shortcomings just like a mother would love her child. However, we also try to improve ourselves to be the most attractive person for our future partner in body, mind, and soul. Improving ourselves Help for Finding Love will be so much easier when we feel this basic love towards ourselves.

In the third step, we imagine being together with a wonderful partner. This is a basic visualization exercise that is recommended in every self-help book about manifestation. However, here comes an important twist on this practice. It is very important to notice the most shadowy feelings of negativity when we are imagining our perfect relationship. Are there some little fears, doubts, or any other form of resistance? For example, many of my clients report feelings of fear of being rejected or hurt in some way. Quite a few of my clients are also worried that a relationship may tie them down too much or could be boring.

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Vibration of Love – Help for Finding Love

There are many forms of fears and doubts and at this point. Our most important job is to become aware of them. Why is this awareness so important? Because it is those fears and doubts that are responsible for not finding your true love in your life. So, we need to look at these inner barriers and dismantle them one by one. For example, if we have an unconscious fear that our potential partner could be boring or unfaithful we need to visualize more excitement and long-term faithfulness. Doing this can sometimes is a challenge but it will be easier if we can send love to our imaginary partner.

The last step is to make ourselves available by going to places where we can meet potential partners. The best places are those where people meet from with similar values and interests in life. When we follow all those four steps. Having a strong desire for a partner, developing a vibration of love, dissolving our unconscious resistance. And making ourselves available will only be a matter until we find true love.

For more information on ‘what is a soulmate?’ and about manifesting a soulmate, please refer to my books Soulmate Relationships and Make Your Dreams Come True.

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