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There are many aspects of the feminine body that I find appealing. However, I like boobs. A stunning set of breasts makes my pulse beat faster. I have a hard time controlling myself when my lover is staring at my boobs. Is anyone a fan of the boob?

Boob lovers should try these 4 sexiest things right now!

Unseasoned breast lovers may begin to feel as if they have few alternatives. You are mistaken, I come to inform you! You can do a lot of enjoyable things with boobs. THINGS TO TRY WITH YOUR BANGALORE ESCORT

1. A back rub

Your lover has to know that you adore, worship, and can’t get enough of them. For many individuals, this is attractive.

Giving your Bangalore escort a breast massage is an excellent method to adore them. First, give their complete body a good massage. Don’t touch their breasts until you can no longer handle it. After that, gradually extend your hands over their globes so that your fingertips may tickle their nipples.

When stroking their tits in this manner, be cautious. Rushing gives the impression that you are just doing it to check a box. To get into it, you have to genuinely want to give them this kind of pleasure with your hands. Don’t be cautious and wait to see what could occur.

2. breasts in BDSM

How do tits fit into this? There are a tonne of enjoyable BDSM activities you can attempt with breasts of your Bangalore escorts. The first things that spring to mind are rope play, nipple clamps, and spanking. BDSM is great for breast lovers, but you’ll need to talk to your spouse and gain their permission.

Just watch how much attention you give them when they are performing. Someone may not be able to endure the same punishment just because they have previously had more spankings. Always err on the side of caution since the sensitivity of the breasts varies during the menstrual cycle.

3. Nipple sex

Be patient and move gently while providing a nipple or breast orgasm. Don’t simply start pressing on their breasts in the hopes that they would appear! Take your time and pay them as much attention as you can while you entice them and their tits.

View Adina Rivers’ YouTube channel if you want to learn more about tactics. She offers great sex advice and goes on the handle.

4.Tit wank

Of course, there is a traditional use for breasts that haven’t been included on this list thus far. Fear not, boob lovers—the tit wank is coming! This is something you’ll like if you’re one of the large breast fans out there.

All you need is some lubrication and a stunning set of breasts. You may tease their nipples by sensually rubbing the lubricant into their tits. Then they might softly glide their breasts up and down while around your cock.

Others may want to lie down next to their escort so they can straddle their chest. This gives you the upper hand. Just consider whether you want to be in charge or if you want to let them do as they want with you while choosing a position.

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